The art of tracking is one of the most powerful (and fun) tools there is for learning about and connecting to nature. It is a great way for nature enthusiasts of all ages to hone their observation and detective skills, build their knowledge of wildlife and place, and even to cultivate empathy.

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Dan is a certified wildlife tracker and also offers training in wildlife track and sign identification for those involved in biological surveys and scientific research, an important modern application of this age-old skill.

What people say about Tracking with Dan:

“I thought this was an excellent day out, a good balance of being informative and very enjoyable. I have already recommended it to several other people. I will never walk along a footpath in quite the same way again...” – Eileen

"Dan imparts his huge breadth of knowledge with humour . . . I learnt an incredible amount about what goes on in Nature when we're not around to see it directly, tuning in to the subtle clues and signs that are everywhere once we know how to read them.

I went on to participate in a Cybertracker 'Track and Sign Evaluation', in which I fared better than I'd expected, largely thanks to Dan's effective mentoring and encouragement.  Thanks Dan!  The woods seem more abundant with life than ever!" – Emily


“Dan's breadth of tracking knowledge and experience add valuable perspective and depth to survey skills for professional ecologists who are undertaking surveys for protected species.Dan really knows his stuff!” – Sean Reed CIEEM, Reed Ecology

“My daughter and I spent the day with Dan on a tracking and foraging day and what a fantastic day we had!  Dan is very knowledgeable and great with kids, he makes all of the activities fun but it is his infectious sense of wonderment and curiosity at the natural world which makes this day so special. Highly recommended.” – Anon

“Fantastic day out with Dan!” – Manja