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Warwick Lister-Kaye

Aigas Field Centre

"Dan Puplett has been providing woodland ecology training to Aigas rangers for a number of years. These days out are always a highlight of the training programme. As well as his extraordinary knowledge, Dan has a patient and gentle teaching technique, which encourages our young staff to ask questions and to learn in an unpressured and immersive environment. I would thoroughly recommend him..."

Dr Kenny Taylor

Writer, naturalist and former chair of Trees for Life

“It's always a pleasure to explore nature with Dan, whether in deep wilds or closer to home. His quiet but enthusiastic approach helps others to slow down, focus and so notice the subtle signs of birds, mammals and more that are there if you take time to watch, listen and learn. He's an excellent teacher, guide and traveling companion.”

Robin Rigg

Chairman – Slovak Wildlife Society

“Dan is a very knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic naturalist and educator who has helped us enormously with our tracking project. I highly recommend him.”

Chris Johnstone

Co-author, Active Hope

"Dan combines a depth of nature connection with an engaging way of teaching, creating a fun and friendly workshop that I both learned from and enjoyed. His courses are strongly recommended."

“Dan was invited to deliver nature awareness training to Scottish Wildlife Trust Junior Branch Adult volunteers … We had a very informative and engaging walk with Dan, and came away from the event with a deeper appreciation of nature and our connection to it.  We very much enjoyed Dan’s training and will definitely approach him for more sessions in the future.”

Lynne Laing 

Moray Wildlife Watch Group Organiser



Reed Ecology

"Dan's breadth of tracking knowledge and experience add valuable perspective and depth to survey skills for professional ecologists who are undertaking surveys for protected species. Dan really knows his stuff!”


"Dan imparts his huge breadth of knowledge with humour . . . I learned an incredible amount about what goes on in Nature when we're not around to see it directly, tuning in to the subtle clues and signs that are everywhere once we know how to read them. I went on to participate in a Cybertracker 'Track and Sign Evaluation', in which I fared better than I'd expected, largely thanks to Dan's effective mentoring and encouragement.  Thanks Dan!  The woods seem more abundant with life than ever!"

“I thought this was an excellent day out ... I have already recommended it to several other people. I will never walk along a footpath in quite the same way again...”Eileen

“My daughter and I spent the day with Dan on a tracking and foraging day and what a fantastic day we had!  Dan is ... great with kids, he makes all of the activities fun but it is his infectious sense of wonderment and curiosity at the natural world which makes this day so special. Highly recommended.”

"The Wildlife Tracking course facilitated by Dan Puplett was by far more engaging and fulfilling than the Zoology degree I completed at university. Dan's delivery is a down to earth yet professional approach imparting diverse knowledge of animal behaviour and morphology ... supporting students to develop the skills of the tracker out in the wilds." Roisín


“Dan's Egyptian bowdrill and fire skills workshop was packed full of hands on experience. Dan has a very relaxed and gentle nature about him and is always willing to answer (even the simplest of) questions. Dan is clearly highly experienced and I would recommend attending his workshops. Thanks again, Dan!” Tom




“I have always wanted to learn more about the night sky and found this an inspiring evening. Your knowledge and enthusiasm all helped make it a really rich experience. Thank you!” Elly

“I really enjoyed the Night Skies evening … I have attended two courses taken by Dan and have found him to be an excellent instructor, providing explanations at a basic level for those (like myself) with little previous knowledge.  He also makes great use of visual aids to enhance understanding, making the courses ... rewarding and hugely enjoyable.” Chris






“What made the day special was the combination of learning, doing, and tasting! I've made elderberry cordial several times since the workshop and have loved having the knowledge of not only knowing how to forage, but also how to do so responsibly.” Claralynn

“Loved the foraging day ... A good fun day that I recommend to all who like the outdoors.”  Kya

"My appreciation for what nature shares with us and my connection to my local environment has been deepened. Dan's teaching style is relaxed and inclusive ... A highly recommended experience"  Jane


“I have taken two of Dan Puplett’s courses and would highly recommend them.  At the Bird Identification Course in May 2019 we learned to identify birds from their calls and song, and gained insight on how an awareness of birds’ behaviour can help us interpret what is going on in the wider landscape.  Dan is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who loves to share his passion for nature.”   Anon

“I attended Dan’s one-day Bird Language course and it opened up a whole new world to me in terms of how animals communicate with each other and how we can interpret this to learn more about what is happening around us. A really useful, and largely overlooked, skill to add to our tracking repertoire.” Elaine