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Dan Puplett is a naturalist, conservationist and outdoor educator providing training in a range of nature-based skills, as well as opportunities to get closer to the fantastic fauna and flora of our planet. He offers a high quality service for those who want to protect, understand and connect to the natural world. Dan provides public and bespoke courses (including popular wildlife tracking courses throughout the UK), guided walks, environmental education and more.

As well as public events, Dan delivers professional services for a range of organisations and has featured on BBC’s Landward programme and Radio 4. His clients have also included Aigas Field Centre, Field Studies Council, National Trust, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Trees for Life & Wilderness Awareness School.

Nature Awareness Skills


Tracking is one of the most effective tools there is for learning about and connecting to nature.


Discover wild foods and traditional plant uses and get confident with plant identification.


Learn about our flora and fauna, sharpen your senses and improve your wildlife observation skills.


Rewild yourself! Experience the sense of wellbeing that comes from reconnecting to the wild.         


Tracking with your ears! Discover how to interpret bird calls and behaviour and see more wildlife.


Ancient knowledge for modern times! Primitive firelighting, shelter building, star navigation and more.


Dan's Nature Awareness Services

Training & EDucation

Book Dan for professional training or to deliver activities at a public event.               

Nature mentoring

Experience 1:1 mentoring with Dan to help you hone your naturalist skills and nature connection.


Bespoke nature walks and wildlife experiences.

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