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Bird Language

  • Hawthbush Farm Gun Hill, East Sussex TN21 0JX United Kingdom (map)

Bird Language

Bird language is an ancient skill, closely related to tracking. Birds are constantly aware of everything they need in their environment to survive. We can learn to tune in to their calls and behaviour, deepening our nature connection and helping us to have closer encounters with birds and other wildlife.

Learn how to:

·      Sharpen your senses and observation skills

·      Understand bird behaviour and the wider ecology in your area

·      Identify some common bird calls

·      Spot tawny owls, sparrowhawks, foxes and other predators using bird language

·      Recognise the ‘five voices’ of the birds

·      Develop quiet, alert attention while out in nature

·      Reduce your ‘ripples of disturbance’ as you move through the landscape

·      Deepen your nature connection

Learning bird language is for anyone who loves the natural world; no experience is necessary. Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned nature enthusiast or expert, there is always more to discover!

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